Marketing Assessment

One of the most profitable things you can do is see your promo’s from your CUSTOMER’S eyes. Does your marketing make the impact you THINK it does…?

Marketing Makeover

Every campaign gets tired eventually… even the great ones. If you’re already using a good idea for your campaign, let’s inject new life into it with a “profit overhaul”!

Marketing Fresh Start

Need a fresh promotional slant for your next promo campaign? Let’s wipe the slate clean and start brainstorming full speed ahead… from scratch to success!

Why Do You Need Real, Profit-Pulling Direct-Response Copy?

If you’re ready to hit it out of the park with your next marketing campaign, stick around for a few minutes and keep reading…


When you’ve got something to sell, online or off… an audience you need to reach and CONNECT with through the written word… or a list of email subscribers that you’d like to grow into your own private fan club, you just need 4 things:

  • a clear idea of who your best target audience is
  • a great offer
  • the words that speak to your customers in THEIR language, and compel them to take advantage of your offer NOW
  • a plan to get your message in front of PLENTY of people (nah, even more than that…)

I specialize in helping you with the whole package, from concept to strategy to the final details of your marketing projects. We’ll figure out who your best audience of ‘buyers’ is… what they REALLY want… an irresistible offer they couldn’t refuse… and the words to put it all together in a voice THEY trust.

And buy from. Quickly, profitably, and as often as possible.

As a direct-response copywriter and marketing strategist, I’ve worked keyboard-to-keyboard AND shoulder-to-shoulder with 6-figure and 7-figure marketers all across the globe (plus one billionaire, in a class all her own). Over the years, I’ve created several million dollars’ worth of 5-figure and 6-figure product launches, service sales and more.

So while my consulting time is EXTREMELY limited to ‘customers only’ at this point, let me ask you… When was the last time YOU talked with a proven direct-response pro about YOUR profit-getting strategies?

The best way to get started? Contact me with YOUR ideas for your next project, and let’s discuss making it even better.

The best time to get started? Twenty years ago.

Next best time? How about right now…


P.S. – If you think I could help you with your copy, simply click the “Marketing Strategy Session” button, send me your ideal timeline and a ballpark budget so I can get back to you. I can’t promise to fit you into the schedule at this end, but I guarantee you’ll be happy with the result if I can work you in.

** By the way, there’s a short list of industries I’m not interested in writing for, even though they can be quite profitable. So if you’re hawking anything that makes little girl or boy parts bigger-harder-stronger, is clearly illegal or a rip-off, or puffs away your health in little clouds of smoke, you’re probably looking for a whole other copywriter.

  • #wherehaveyoubeenallmylife?
    haha, just saying.

    Mari Smith, CEO
    Mari Smith International, Inc.

  • Really nice. The hook at the end is terrific.

    Douglas E. Noll

  • Wow, this is great feedback. YOU are a great teacher, Sensei.

    Lucy Lehman, Events Co-ordinator
    Participation House, Markham

  • Payment made. I think we will obviously need more work from you.

    Douglas E. Noll

  • That was one of the best sales letters I have ever seen… It flows so well and it is just like you were speaking directly to me

    Dr. Mark Clayson
    Teleseminars UK

  • I really, really appreciate the work you are doing on this project. Even my web guy, who never gets excited, thinks this is going to be a big deal.

    Douglas E. Noll

  • Anthony, you’re an absolute star. And did I mention, a genius writer!

    Anne McKevitt, CEO

  • We pulled off a total miracle. The results are excellent. Certainly the largest number of opt-ins and live attendees I’ve ever had. Going forward, we will have one of the best and tightest systematic launch processes in the biz.

    Mari Smith, post EFG launch
    Mari Smith International, Inc.

  • I’m just going through all of these now……wow! They’re fantastic! And I love the super-easy instructions…this is gonna be a breeze!

    Lori Westbay, Customer Happiness Director,
    Mari Smith International, Inc.

  • I love …everything! From where we started several weeks ago to where we are today is amazing to me. You are a genius! And, for the first time, I begin to see the logic of your process. Absolutely brilliant.

    Douglas E. Noll

  • You are a gifted copy writer. Can’t wait to see the next step.

    Douglas E. Noll

  • You are doing a great job with the features and benefits. Amazing, really.

    Douglas E. Noll

  • Excellent. Your additions are spot on. I’ll need some email copy…

    Douglas E. Noll

  • Excellent work. You are catching the drivers of young lawyers perfectly.

    Douglas E. Noll

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