I’m Anthony Merizzi, the cash-producing copywriter behind Copy Catches Customers. I currently make my home in the town of Oakville in Ontario, Canada.

But with the wondrous reach of online communication, I deal with clients worldwide.

In fact…
I’ve never actually met some of my best clients face-to-face!

Sure, we’ve talked on the phone or through a Skype-powered computer headset in many cases. We’ve exchanged emails and online chat sessions, sometimes even live or recorded audio and video.

Whatever it takes to get the right message across effectively.

So don’t worry if I’m not around the block from your office. To be honest, I’d really rather be writing than driving, anyway.

And if you need profit-pulling copy for your next promotion, contact me right away through the following communication channels, in order of preference and attention-getting ability:

contact AT

(I’ll see these regularly, checked several times during the day. Just change the “AT” to the correct symbol above before you send)


(a pre-arranged schedule is your best bet here, so email me a time first)

(647) 556-6449

(leave a message if I don’t pick up right away, and I’ll call or email you back)

Or use this contact form for fastest “direct” web access…
(I’ll probably get the notice within minutes – it’s your best bet)

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