I believe you deserve to know, before our work starts, how much the fee is going to be. That’s why I let you know my fee structure up front. No need to call for a quote. No ifs, ands or buts — and no surprises.

So to get started on your conversion-busting copy project, click the big yellow button below send me a few details about your project. I can’t always guarantee to fit it into my calendar at this end, but I will guarantee your satisfaction AND better conversions for you from my work.

Plus, if you’d rather begin with a copy critique or marketing assessment, that’s often a good way for both of us to know how good the fit will be when you decide to move forward with me.

Either way, you win… and I’ll tell you exactly how much you can expect to invest before we get started. To make sure your project exceeds your marketing goals.

  • Direct Mail Packages
  • Space Ads
  • E-mail Messaging: stand-alone messages, or a series for your auto-responders
  • Web Site (typically 7-10 pages)
  • Web Sales Page/Landing Page
  • Self-mailer or Postcard
  • Press Release (pitch letters extra)
  • Audio and Video Scripts (priced per running minute, or by project)
  • Marketing and Management Consulting, by phone or Skype: $120/hr
  • Marketing Assessment (with audio recording): $297

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