How We’ll Work

Fortunately for you…

I approach each project with the goal of making it as simple as possible for us to exceed the results you’re hoping for with any sales-related copy.

Here’s how you qualify

Don’t worry, I don’t have a lot of pre-arranged rules, other than to be prepared to discuss ways we can expand your business profitability — and be open to ideas you may not have thought of before.

We’ll start with a conversation about your project and your sales goals, right up front. Chances are, I’ll be recording our conversations, so I have a way to confirm any details we want to put in place after we’ve finished talking. And you implicitly agree to my use of those recordings by continuing to talk with me beyond “Hello”… so neither of us needs to repeat these terms each and every time we get on the line.

If we decide that there’s a good fit between your project, your team and me, you’ll send me:

  • your previous and/or current marketing materials
  • an actual sample of your product (if applicable)
  • your notes from marketing and product discussions you’ve had with your team

… along with your refundable starting deposit on the job. Generally, the more info about your project that I have to work with from the start, the better (and faster) I can get up to speed on delivering stellar results with your copy.

This is the time to show me all you’ve got!

From there, I’ll go off to do my own research on your industry, your customers and your competitors, and check back with you on the offer and the approach I think we should take — along with a very rough draft outline for you to approve.

Then when you say go, you can relax — and generally leave the creation part to me.

Because by this point, we’ll have already agreed on the timing, milestones, finished form and a price range for your project. So your confirmed deposit becomes non-refundable, since I’ll be putting it to good use with the resources I’ll need to create your promotion.

I’ll call you immediately if anything changes from what we agreed, or if a massive bolt of inspiration strikes and your project is finished a week early. Other than that, expect to see very little communication from me mid-project unless you insist on it.

After all, I’ll be busy writing your stuff

By the way, I’m typically booked weeks in advance, so it’s rare that I can take on an extensive new project and turn it around overnight. It sometimes happens with smaller ones, though… at my discretion.

Either way, the only go-ahead that works to reserve your spot on my production calendar is your confirmed deposit at this end. No exceptions.


And fortunately for me, a few questions from a recent copy prospect seemed to say exactly what you may be wondering about as you’re thinking of hiring me. So let’s start with those questions and answers right here!

Q. Will you want to get involved in the whole marketing process – e.g. squeeze page and pre-order marketing content? Or just work on the sales letter itself? (what is the best approach to get a good result?)

A. That depends on what you want to include in the creation process, and what you already have complete. In general, you’ll probably get a much better result if your entire marketing funnel is conceived and written in the same voice, with the same customer targets in mind. So including your squeeze page, pre-sell content, email autoresponders and salesletter in the project is the best way to get consistency and continuity throughout.

Because that keeps your customers and prospects engaged. You’d be surprised how little things like ‘a different writing voice’ or inconsistent details mentioned between your various marketing materials can trip your prospect’s trust alert!

Q. What will you expect us to have finished before you start? I will have finished product I want to sell, what else will you need?

A. The best writing comes from experiencing the product ‘as a customer would’. So having your product in its typical end-user form to hand off is ideal — for deeper insight into what actual thing the customer will get. As well as to flesh out benefits and end-results that make for much better sales material. Ordinarily, the more you can work with me to build the marketing funnel from the early stages, the more integrated your presentation material will be.

And I’d wager that I will discover benefits and advantages you never dreamed of for your product, because I’ll be seeing it with fresh eyes and a curious mind. So you win from my insight and observations as well as my use of power words and proper sales-writing structure.

Q. What will you expect me to give you to work with? e.g. the product, insights into customer segment? Anything else?

A. For best results… everything you can. At minimum, your actual product in my hands (or a way to experience it in action), plus any customer and market insights you may already have. Along with actual sales results and ads you’ve used in the past, if you have them… both good and bad ones. I’ll want to do my own research as well, looking for the juicy bits, market need and customer quirks that make the sale that much more attractive, so don’t assume I’ll just take what you say blindly. That’s a big part of the results you’re paying for when you retain me for a copy project.

For example…


Think of your product launch and marketing funnel as your ‘sales mountain.’ You want to get to the top of that mountain, and you’re deciding to take a guide with you who knows the territory. So it’s best to start me off at the same level ‘up the mountain’ that you already are… rather than putting me at the bottom while you’re already halfway up the hill.

Q. How much will you charge me? It’s just a simple project…

A: That reminds me of the question, “How long is a piece of string?”

Because it depends on the materials and samples you’re supplying for the job, plus the amount of research and re-writing I’ll be doing. Whether I’m designing and structuring a promotion and response mechanism, or just “writing what you say to write.” (and if that’s what you want, what do you need me for?) Whether we’ve worked together before and we’re already familiar with each other’s communications and expectations, or we’re both starting cold.

Don’t worry, I don’t flip on the meter to blindly surf the web, or to “get in the mood” for your audience… although those things are all part of the process. But as a rule, I typically price things by project, with a few standard rate guidelines here.

Here’s a hint: I don’t typically do one-offs and piecework, unless they’re pretty big pieces. (So “a salesletter” is pretty big. “One Facebook post” probably isn’t.)

Because I’ve got to do the research — to have some way of understanding your industry, your audience, your business and your product that goes beyond simply what you tell me — whether it’s for a single email or a multi-staged, multi-media promo release. Okay, maybe not so much for one email… but you get the point. “The push it takes to start a ball rolling is heavier than the push it takes to keep it rolling.”

In other words, you get much better results (and prices) when the research and ‘voice-setting’ gets spread over several items, rather than “how much for an email?” So in that example, we’ll talk about your auto-responder seriesand determine a good starting point for how many messages are ideal to get your readers comfortable with you and inspired to buy. Then I’ll price that series.

Fortunately, you’ll understand that your customer’s frame of mind – and therefore the structure and sequence of a promotion — is critical, along with the words I use. And when we get it right, the basic messaging series can often be re-used across several media as well. With a few tweaks, of course ;o)

I’ll still want to use my business and industry experience, personal observations and marketing expertise to pull you up faster, but everything you’ve got to offer from the get-go just moves the process along more quickly.

Along the way, we’ll both discover a lot of current info about your market.

And use that to trigger more sales.

Q: How do we get started?

A: If I was starting a project with you, I’d want a brief outline of ‘where you are now’ with the product (that can be written, verbal or email). Plus an idea of your market audience and what you hope to accomplish, and maybe a 20-minute telephone call before agreeing to accept your retainer on the job.

If that sounds helpful to you, contact me and tell me the industry you’re working in. I’ll let you know if it’s one I can guarantee great results in, or if I know anyone else who’s well-suited.

Or if you’ve already decided you want me to work on your next project, click the Big Red Button below and send me a deposit. That always gets my attentionand a quick-response phone call to find out where we’re going!

Don’t worry, your deposit is absolutely risk-free. if I absolutely can’t accommodate you to your satisfaction, I’ll send your money back. (although no-one’s ever asked for that yet…)

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