Payment Policies

It’s easy to get started with the business-building copy you need.

Whether you want a single salespage, an auto-responder series, or a complete packaged selling system on paper, you don’t have to pay for everything up front.

You can put your program into action with a good-faith deposit to show you mean business… and you’ll know that we do, too!

Here’s how it works:

For individual items and moderate-sized copy packages between $500 to $1000, we’ll start work on a “half down/half done” basis. That means you forward only half of the package price to get started, and to get me working on your first draft. The other half is payable when I deliver the final revised proofs to you. Easy, huh?

For copy project packages and marketing consultations over $1000, we’ll make it easier to take advantage of the huge value there too. An initial deposit will get your project underway — one that we’ll both agree on as we discuss the details of your project. From there, we’ll structure a progress-based payment schedule to help your cashflow… and still get things finished up by the time you’re ready to accept your final proofs.

As you can imagine, copy is often tough to get right… but quite easy to walk away with. For that reason, I offer plenty of samples on this site to show you the nature and quality of the work you can expect when we work together on your project. And with most projects, we’ll discuss the specifics of the promotional ‘slant’ that will be used to compose a winning promo for you.

So there’s never any surprise or mystery about the direction your project will take as it’s developed. And up to the time we start working on your first draft, you’re always free to change your mind — and your entire deposit will be returned to you.

Once we’ve both decided that we’re a good fit for each other, and you’ve approved the direction and slant that will be used for your promotion, the project is considered a ‘go’. At that point, you can still change your mind or cancel the project entirely… but your deposit will be retained as a ‘kill fee’ to offset hours of research, discussion and development.

Finally, after you’ve combed through your first-draft copy and indicated all of revisions and changes you’d like, I’ll go ahead and incorporate your changes to the final draft. When it’s ready, you’ll receive your finished copy in exchange for your final payment. Simple, straight-forward and subtly effective.

Just like the copy I’ll write for you.

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