Extreme Fanbase Growth

“This has been my biggest launch EVER!”

After doing such a bang-up job with the pre-sell here, the question on everyone’s mind was…

Okay hotshot, how about a repeat performance?

Okay then. No pressure. Really. Um, let’s see what it’ll take to do THAT!

Fortunately, we were already knee-deep in planning the ENTIRE launch scenario. After all, you never want to do these things piece-by-piece, if you want continuity and a completely integrated customer experience.

Which is a fancy way of saying “more sales”.

So the best part about this launch was the team of experts I was working with to put this sales funnel together. Between Mari Smith, her serial-entrepreneur business mentor and li’l ole me, we were firing on all cylinders to come up with eyeball-arresting ideas and extract the best of them to put on the page.

And Mari’s team was super-helpful in getting the details to line up in a row, too. “Ask and you shall receive” – style teamwork. It was exhilarating to keep up with them… just keeping up with us!

We’d already scoped out where most of the pieces would go for this project, right from the start. We had definite goals to accomplish. And I drew up an extensive “process-map” of all the copy components we’d need to make the dream come true. =====>>

All that was left was to write the darned things… and then colour inside the lines!

Staying “in character” as I wrote the first draft was a challenge… since we’d only started working together a couple of weeks earlier. As you may know, Mari Smith is a social media expert, speaker and trainer with a brilliant, almost motivational personality — and she’s a technical whiz at just about every detail you could ask for with Facebook, the web and social media at large.

In fact, that’s why FastCompany.com dubbed Mari “the Pied Piper of the Online World”. And top business publications such as Forbes, Dun & Bradstreet, Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Fortune have honored her as one of the Top-10 most influential social media leaders in the world today.

Needless to say, Mari’s audience knows her pretty well. And since I put a huge focus on capturing the right voice for your audience in addition to a strong sales line, there was LOTS of detail coming at me at hyper-speed most days. Considering the launch was less than 14 days away…

Did I mention I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie?

Well, that’s true with rollerblading, fast driving and good copywriting, anyway. And with everything going on, I’ll be honest with you… the first draft of this salesletter didn’t EXACTLY scream from the rooftops.

Packed with loads of promises to keep and more than a little creative input from all sides, it kinda mumbled and whimpered, actually.

A quick shower, change of scenery, and a second draft, and there was a little smoke. Like the kind you get when you pour a bowl of water on a campfire, that is. But at least there was smoke.

You know that saying, “Third time’s a charm!”

Time for some drastic action. After immersing myself in all things “Mari” for the past two weeks, plus trying several different creative scenarios to build a good story for the salespage, warmup time was over.

It was time to get back to basics and sell the darned thing!

So that’s what we did. Going back to one of my best tried-and-true formulas for the page’s selling structure, plus my own personal favorite approaches for some of the “extra touches” on the page, I built a draft that was pretty close to the final version you’d see live here now.

If you’ve already read the headline on this page, you know how it all turned out. The entire core team worked at an insane pace, right up to a few seconds AFTER the product was announced on a LIVE webinar.

Just so you know, there’s no sweeter sight in the world on launch day than watching the sales counter going “bing, bing, BING!” every few seconds. And then keep adding more happy customers again and again for days on end!

When all was said and done about two-and-a-half weeks later, Mari had more than 1,000 happy customers and a multiple-six-figure launch to start off her year.

And I had another story to crow about here!

Oops, gotta go. There’s a stack of emails from my new favorite social media expert that I’ve got to get to. Something about our next projects together…!

Just before you go, you might want to click the big yellow button below and schedule a quick conversation with me to see how we can create similar results for your business, too.

Whether you’re launching a new product, a brand-new business, or you want to breathe some life into the product lines you’re already hoping to sell more of this year, I’ll bet I can come up with some great ways to do that “more sales” thing with you, too.

Don’t worry, the call won’t cost you a cent. Putting it off until later could cost WAY more than that…

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