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“What if this really works?!”

Project Start: December 5
Project Launch: January 26

Here’s a good problem to have…

When Pure Science Supplements was looking for a copywriter for a new online product launch, they found me through a colleague’s recommendation. Soon after we’d completed a handful of research into their target audience and their health-supplement product category, we put up a short “pre-sell page” online. And created a few short ads to start sending pay-per-click traffic to it.

We were both surprised with the result.

With an initial test of about 250 respondents, more than 35% of them signed up for more information – which was precisely our desired action for the page. Adding a tweak to the headline to match their paid-advertising promotion more closely, that number jumped to 43.98% conversion.

Not bad for our first entry in a market where 5% conversion is typical. And 10% is considered awesome!

But the question we asked next made all the difference…

“What do you want to do now, to capitalize on your success?”

Fortunately, their answer was a good one. We proceeded to leverage their initial success with a second stage for their product line, which led to their main product and its salespage. Which meant it was time to get writing again, and fast!

Now my client was actually half a world away from me, in Singapore. No language barrier, but all of our conversation was by email. There’s an 13-hour time difference, but it was easy to plan around this and schedule our communications through the creative and approval process. To get them up and running as quickly as possible.

Incidentally, I’ve never actually spoken with this client personally — even online. We just transferred emails and payments back and forth as the project grew. That’s the fantastic thing about online communication, you can reach out to experts virtually anywhere in the world.

Essentially, this marketer wanted to reach English-speaking markets in North America, Australia and UK. So they were thrilled to find a copywriter who understands the subtle language differences in those countries.

When they discovered my background includes working with a health-promotion organization for a few years, all the better.

So we created a one-two combination, with a salesletter and an email auto-responder series to sell their main product. After further testing, we set up the salesletter as a 2-part click-through, effectively bringing people into the story one step at a time. Subtly increasing their commitment with each step.

Why the extra steps with email marketing?

Now this was both an information product and a physical product… and you’d be amazed to discover how many people will buy your info product and not even bother to open it!

So the auto-responder series was designed around a consumption model, offering important segments of the info product they’d just purchased in bite-sized pieces to read. And leading them back to the ebook for more of the story (and to take advantage of some added-value offers we’d included in the book.)

By the way, the salesletter contained one of my favorite headlines at the time, directed at 40-60 year old men. It was created with:

  • a LOT of research into their market audience
  • looking closely at similar products, promises and omissions by their competitors
  • more than 128 headline drafts and variations!

Would it work today? I honestly don’t know.

Because people’s perceptions and expectations are always changing. And the only way you can find out for sure is by researching, testing each step and recording the results. Until your market shows you what they’ll buy with an actual purchase.

So there’s not much room for guesswork. Fortunately, there’s not much need for it, either.

Because anyone can stand up and say “Here’s a product, buy it”. But getting to the heart of your prospective customer’s concerns and communicating that through every stage of the promotion makes a far more effective campaign for your promotional dollar.

Want to do that for your business, too?

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