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FAQs page that does more than just ‘tell’

Project start date: Thursday afternoon
Project launch date: Saturday, lunchtime

Holiday DVD is one of those unique services you wish was around years ago.

They transfer pictures or offline movies to videos on DVD, adding music and graphics effects to make your snapshots playable like a slideshow on a computer. Or even for online use.

And that’s a good thing. The service was created when entrepreneur Tony Lewis noticed a problem as he watched travellers on a holiday cruise take dozens of pictures with their digital cameras…

But when they got home, there was no easy way to show off those pictures to friends and family afterwards.

So with Tony’s computer savvy and inventiveness, he solved that problem.
And came up with a hit.

Just one little glitchand I bet you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Have you ever listened to a ‘computer guy’ describe anything technical to you?

Now don’t get me wrong. Tony’s a great guy, and smart too. He gets brilliant results with the technologies he works around. And he really works to make sure his customers are happy with their DVD photo collections.

But he might be just a little too close to the work sometimes, and well… he describes it like a computer guy. The passion is clearly there, and so is his expertise. Like a lot of people, it just needs a little wordsmithing and polish to get the right message across.

Case in point…

When I first saw the FAQs page on Holiday DVD’s website, it was ‘okay’.
But there was so much potential being left on the table.

You see, a well-written FAQs list can do 3 important things for your business:

* Increase your prospect’s comfort with your product or service, by clearing up the most common questions that get in the way with most users
* Reduce the time your customer service staff spends on the typical things that can be easily handled with a few well-placed words on paper
* Lead the reader back to your product or service with every answer, in a way that makes them want to get it right away!

Like I said, Tony’s a smart guy. He realized that he might as well use the FAQs space on his website to do more than just ‘give the facts.’ If it could increase his customer satisfaction and add to his bottom line at the same time, he was game to give it a try.

Most important, he realized he wasn’t the guy to write it all by himself.

Not that he couldn’t learn to, over time…

It’s just that it made more sense to get an expert to do that part. So he could put his time and talents where they were most useful. That’s profitable thinking.

Now Tony gets back to the work he enjoys. And lets his website do more selling for him.

Isn’t that how you’d like your business to run?

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