Marketing Assessment

If your business is already in motion, are your marketing materials making an impact?

Hang on, that’s a silly question, of course they are. What we should be asking is…

  • Are they getting the results you want?
  • Are they hitting your audience, hitting your targets, and hitting your bottom line?
  • Are they saying what you want them to say, and creating the brand image your audience needs to hear?

Here’s the best way to find out…

One of the best things I can do for you is look at your marketing materials with fresh eyes. With all the experience, multi-industry exposure and successful campaign experience I bring to the table. And without the biases, the history, the slant, and the “one-track thinking” that can get in the way of you seeing clearly when you’re looking at your own materials.

They’re often like your own children…

I have to tell you, one of the most difficult clients I ever write for is myself. Not only because I’m a picky son-of-a-gun, but also because I usually find writing while “sitting so close to the forest” harder to do than almost any other project.

But I can write for other people’s services, products and business ideas at the drop of a hat. With the sometimes fresh, sometimes jaded eyes of your customers and prospects… instead of the biased or over-assuming eyes of a proud parent.

After all, you’ve lived with the details of your business or service offering day in and day out, probably from the very beginning. And along with an incredible amount of knowledge about it, I’ll bet you also assume a lot of things that a stranger wouldn’t. You see a lot more in every word, every picture and even the colour choices and layout that just may not be there for the average viewer.

Let me be your fresh mirror to look through

Think of it this way…

If you have bad breath, your friends might not tell you. A complete stranger might just avoid you. But as your professional and experienced confidante, I’ll not only tell you about it… I’ll also offer you a piece of gum to fix the problem!


When you’re ready for a fresh look at what your marketing is ACTUALLY saying to your audience, simply connect with me below. Then package your promo materials up and send them to me for a look-see. Or email me the URLs, emails and PDFs that go into your current marketing approach, for even faster response.

I’ll get on the phone with you and record our 45-minute conversation, giving you my observations and suggestions. Plus, I’ll record a short video to demonstrate 3 things I’d fix on your website or digital content right away, if we’re looking at your online materials.

It’s a great way for us to find out how well we’ll work together, if that’s what you want to do next. Either way, you’ll know exactly how to move forward for more bottom-line profits right away.

Straight answers. No bias. And no obligation.

All with a simple click of a button…

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