Marketing Makeover

If you’ve been in business for a while, you probably have a winning campaign or two under your belt. And if you’ve already established a presence, a brand and some expertise in your market, you want to leverage that equity at the same time you generate new excitement for your products and services.

The trouble is…

Even proven campaigns fade over time

Don’t worry, they all run out of steam eventually. And even if you’re just not getting the payback you expected from a new campaign, Fortunately, a few well-placed tweaks in the right areas can recharge your results and multiply response again. Sometimes exponentially.

Here’s how I’d handle it…

The direct-response sales process — getting people to DO something when they read your brochure or see your website — requires a given set of components to be in place with EACH of your marketing materials. And with a typical “sales funnel”, the sequence is as important as the content.

Plus, your sales ‘story’ has to fit, too!

Now the actual number of sales components varies, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. But it’s never less than 3… and typically, between 5-9 different elements must be properly arranged to present a compelling and persuasive argument to bring in future customers.

No matter what, making sure you’ve got all of those “persuasion” bases covered is what I can do for you with a “Marketing Makeover” re-write.

You see, this is where the writing becomes an art as well as a science. I’ll take your existing story, your existing offer and the presentation you’ve chosen for your audience… add some extra research and industry-specific references and target-market … and mold it all into a compelling structure that works for the promo piece at hand.

Whether it’s your direct-mail salesletter series… your website’s sales or landing page… your email auto-responder sequence, or your sales brochure or presentation, I’ll tweak and fine-tune it into a fully-operational sales machine. With more than enough of the right direct-response flavor to get your phone ringing.

Or your email list growing. Or your shopping cart dinging.

Lead your audience from first sight to next sale

But what if you’re bringing your successful product or service to the attention of a new audience or a different market?

In many cases, I can usually take what you’ve got and give it a different voice, appealing to that new crowd even better. Typically, we can see dramatic results just by changing the tone… tweaking the voice… and fine-tuning your offer’s positioning to match your desired audience.

Either way, a market-focused rewrite may be all you need to put a new spark of life into your existing materials. At least to test the market’s response, before you go whole-hog with a custom-designed “fresh start”.

Ready to inject some extra-strength sales power into your sagging sales materials?

Then contact me right away, before the crowd’s all gone…

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