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Want to see one of the best ways to build your customer list, hands-free?

Then here’s a quick show-off for you, to see an opt-in page.
You can see more about how it was used here.

Remember that the most important thing you can do to help your business thrive is to keep building your customer list. And while many small businesses do that the old-fashioned way — manually adding customer names, addresses and contact info when they write up the first invoice for a new client, for example — the online equivalent allows you to start the same process with virtual hands-off efficiency.

The tool you use to collect prospect names, emails and contact information is called an opt-in page… or even a “squeeze page” by industry insiders. That’s because your viewers must decide to hand over their contact info voluntarily (an important component of the anti-spam laws in effect for online communication.)

And no, it’s not nearly the same as having a ‘Contact Us’ page on your website.

Email Post-Launch seriesBecause as a customer, it’s a unique opportunity to show you’re interested in the products and services you’re seeing. And it lets your customers give you permission to market to them!

This works for both information products and physical products, by the way. Because whenever your prospects are trying to decide if they want your offer — or even to see if they like and trust you enough to buy from you — the thing they want more of to make a good decision is information.

So the opt-in page is like a specialized salespage, with one purpose onlyto get your prospect to enter their name and email address. Or other contact info, so that you can keep in touch with them. It’s an effective method of getting their permissionas well as their request — for you to continue to market to them!

As you can see in the screenshot above, this opt-in page was for a teleseminar — an important part of the promotional strategy this marketer uses. Most of their audience came to this opt-in page from:

  • a link in an email newsletter
  • social media messages on Twitter and Facebook
  • agent and affiliate promotions
  • you could even use postcards… customer comment cards… and other offline tools

In most cases, viewers already has a an idea that the promotion interests them. So the opt-in page expands on the major benefits of taking the next step. At the same time, viewers discover additional usable information and actions to take that they can use right away.

This teleseminar was a free call, presented for any subscribers and their guests to listen in. At the same time, the main course was offered for listeners looking for more in-depth information. And a complete course in the subject matter being offered.

The real key here is…

While listeners would have the opportunity to buy the product during the live call, they would also receive follow-up email messages highlighting the benefits and advantages of the full product. And encouraging them to pick up their own copy.

Obviously, the opt-in page is an important part of the entire marketing process. By encouraging a small amount of participation by the reader (usually just typing in their name and email address), the viewer gets to take advantage of something that regular viewers would never experience.

It’s like trying a free sample at the grocery store… but with far more benefits at both ends of the transaction.

And if you’re not using a setup like this for your own business — no matter WHAT industry you’re inyou’re leaving a LOT of money on the table!

Affiliate Email seriesThink about it… like you, most people don’t make an impulse purchase the first time they see something. Even when they know they want it. They usually appreciate several points of contact to recognize, understand and trust the benefits of a particular product, service and vendor.

By using an opt-in page, both parties agree to let that relationship develop until the potential buyer can reach an informed decision. You can do this for:

  • physical products
  • information products
  • studios, private practices and professional services
  • courses
  • restaurants, clothing stores and salons

In fact, you name it — regular follow-up works for almost any business that depends on customers coming back again.

And if your competitors are using this and you’re not

Well, they’re winning

Are you ready to get started with extra follow-up business of your own?

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