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When a company’s growing computer division started hiring more staff to support their growth plans, they knew how critical it is to keep client calls coming in.

Click to read this lead-generation letter based on a real consumer problem!So they expanded their marketing efforts to their local-area clients with a direct-mail campaign highlighting a growing problem… and offering a solution that was easy for their prospects to take advantage of.

Those calls are SO important

Of course, not only for the ‘buzz’ and initial sales they can generate. But also to gather the names and contact info of interested prospects and future customers. A plan for back-end profits is the foundation of any profitable marketing campaign.

Because the lifetime value of a typical customer can reach into thousands of dollars, depending on the market and industry your business serves. So the small investment of a direct-mail lead generation campaign is peanuts, compared to the payback to your profits when it’s done right.

And once you’ve developed a successful lead-generation campaign, it can usually be rolled out more than once. To a different market or audience… at different times of the year.

Even reaching out to the same group of people several times can be profitable.

The right words, a strong offer, the right audience

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