Need a Pro Copywriter?

Like the hungry dog who won’t just “go play” once it catches a whiff of the barbecue, I love digging out the details to flesh out the sales hooks in your products and services.

As long as there’s a clear benefit to what you’re selling**, I guarantee I’ll discover more reasons to buy it than you or your customers know about today.

And more important, I’ll find the ones that hit home with your target market — and bring them to the surface in ways that your prospects can’t resist. So they can’t put it down until they’ve satisfied their buying urge on their own terms… and in your favorite way.

With a purchase!

Of course, every single piece I write for you won’t be a hard-hitting, fire-breathing “grab the bucks” sales pitch. Nobody buys that way all the time. And with most businesses and industries, they don’t buy that way ‘ever’!

But don’t be fooled…

Every single contact you have with your people must be selling something. There’s no room for slack marketing if you intend to be successful these days.

Whether it’s your reputation, your credibility… the ease of dealing with you, or your great customer service… shareholder value or investor security… employee commitment or corporate vision. Yes, it’s all got to be sold, every step of the way. And every day.

So along with your sales letters, even your order forms, employee manuals and industry ‘white paper’ reports need to be written with a persuasive message as their backbone. In language that fits your audience… and your marketing purpose.

Inside this site, you’ll discover…

  • a counter-intuitive web salesletter that sold a $4,000 information product online… to the tune of over $32,160 in sales during a short test period (and get this… some of the customers didn’t even bother to call first, they just clicked to buy!)
  • a soft-sell approach for an alternative-medicine health supplement that generated over 35-42% conversion on the front end… and leveraged that success with an extended product line back-end to push profits even higher
  • a single-page direct mail appeal letter that generated over $7,000 in donations to a community based charity food drive… in a single day!
  • … PLUS more ways to improve your business bottom line with real, live marketing copy that converts


The most expensive information in the world is “bad information”. That’s why I begin each project with extensive research… and finish with your materials in the right language… the right “voice”… and the right tone to connect with your market audience.

Want to hand-off your work to a pro copywriter who will run with it and won’t give up until all the right buttons have been pushed?

Then stop re-inventing the wheel… or trying to carve your own. How about working with someone whose main goal is to increase your share of the profits by increasing the size of your pie?

If that sounds like it’s along the lines you were thinking, you know where what to do next.

Click on the Big Yellow Button that starts everything going your way

** By the way, there’s a short list of industries I’m not interested in writing for, even though they can be quite profitable. So if you’re hawking anything that makes little girl or boy parts bigger-harder-stronger unnaturally… is clearly illegal or a rip-off… or puffs away your health in little clouds of smoke, you’re probably looking for a whole other copywriter. But if you believe so much in what you’re selling that you’d want your mother to be your best customer because SHE wants it, too… well then, we probably have plenty to talk about. So, let’s get started… (pssst ==> click the yellow button above)

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