Mega PR and a Quick-Start Speaking Career

Following the success of the Whatever-a-thon charity event, Ms. Desjardins asked me to help her create ongoing media promotions, keynote speech presentations, scriptwriting, coaching and a mini-biographical book to help market her new speaking career.

Fortunately, I’ve done copywriting and consulting with a few national and international speakers, marketers and coaches (see more Success Stories here), so we recognized several areas to make immediate and dramatic improvements to her materials. We actually filtered all of her professional appearance inquiries through me too, to take her beyond “free” speeches by pricing and selling her new keynote engagements as they came in.

That kicked off several months of hour-long strategy and media coaching conversations each week, plus an ongoing stream of content creation and speech-writing sessions that you would have been proud to get through yourself each day. Very quickly, we got up to an impressive pace that was a challenge to keep up with long-term, and still…

The results began to show up quickly, too!

Within about a month, we’d generated several in-depth on-camera interviews with 3 different national news shows on TV, adding to those we’d generated for the charity event earlier in the year. Seeing the on-camera interviews come out “okay”, her messaging was clearly improving with each one. So we kept at it, building the core of a keynote speech presentation at the same time we worked on media briefings to tweak her on-stage platform speaking skills.

Within another month, we’d confirmed a short keynote speech appearance that promised to pay her several thousand dollars, with a deposit and itinerary in hand. Needless to say, creating content and practicing her delivery became a top priority… so we added to our coaching and production schedule as necessary, stepping up our expectations as well as our results.

Here’s where it gets REALLY interesting…

The producer of a popular mid-day television talk show noticed some of the media coverage we’d been generating, and contacted us to have the budding speaker appear on their show. We arranged all of her travel details and agreements for the appearance, then kept tweaking and practicing her presentation content “sound bites”. Apparently, she was quite pleased with the way both filmings came out, and told me the hours of coaching were paying off with her increased confidence, along with better presentation of the message she wanted to communicate to viewers.

With her feature television appearance all set to air in a few weeks, we immediately began the creation of a book to tell her story. After all, every pro speaker knows that when you’ve got a book to offer…

…a TV appearance like that is pure gold!

This had been part of our strategy from the start, so now we simply shuffled priorities again to get the book done in time for the show. It would be an ample “ultimate business card”-style book to promote her speaking career too, with her strong story and enough detail to spark plenty of conversations and phone calls!

Long story short, within about 2 weeks, the book was nearly complete, including an attention-getting “cliffhanger” sample chapter for promos.The speaker told me she was blown away with how quickly this was coming together, and she was thrilled that I was good at “saying what she actually meant to say, only better” — and sounding like her (on paper, that is) with the new content we were creating. Good to hear, especially under the hyper-fast deadline we’d set for ourselves.

We’ve planned to offer a “Kindle” digital version of the book for fast, easy distribution, in time for the upcoming television broadcast. We could always make changes or additions for the print version if needed, when it was produced a month or two later.

After forwarding revisions on the final two chapters, and with only a week to go before the broadcast…

The payoff is within our grasp!

That’s where we are now, as this summary is being written. In total, after about four months of preparations, coaching and copywriting the basis for the speaker’s entire business platform, our two seasons’ worth of PR and media outreach was paying off. And with a major television show ready to launch her book and speaking career, potentially creating a wave of tens of thousands of dollars flowing our way to finally pay for some of those weeks of work…

She’s all set for an enviable career quick-start

Of course, who knows how it will all turn out? As they say, you can lead a horse to water… but at least we’re set to send a STAMPEDE of horses her way!

Give me a call to see how we can work the same kind of magic for YOUR cause…

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