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New Business Startup – with a Bang!

Project start: 3rd week of May
Project launch: middle of June

When Dr. Mark Clayson decided to finally launch his new business idea online, he had two problems.

The first was a huge to-do list to complete before his idea for an interview-format teleseminar service was actually ready for its first call. You can imagine all of the technical details he had to prepare. And even though they were all step-by-step and surmountable, it seemed like a daunting task in itself.

The second problem was a little more unexpectedbecause he didn’t even realize it was there.

You see, Mark has lived in the UK all his life. (That’s not the problem yet, hang on!) As a respected GP with a practice just outside of London, he has impeccable good manners.

And the subtle and politely self-effacing approach of a classic Englishman.

I’m sure none of his patients would call that a problem at all. In fact, it’s exactly what you’d want of a good doctor… someone who listens well and considers his opinions carefully before speaking.

It’s also a brilliant talent for a good interviewer.

But when it came time to promote his new service, Dr. Clayson seemed almost ’shy’ about mentioning his good qualities. In fact, much of his writing was a bit impersonal — it talked of the technical and business advantages of a teleseminar, but mentioned almost nothing about Mark himself.

Let me ask you a question…

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone who wanted to know everything about you, but didn’t share anything about themself? You know the feeling that leaves you with… a bit reserved… a little curious… maybe a bit uncomfortable about playing a one-sided game.

If you’re anything like me, you probably connect much better with people when you get to know something about them. After all, even in business, people don’t deal with ‘companies’… they deal with people. It goes well beyond technical details and product specs.

Fortunately, I had the good fortune to meet up with Dr. Clayson through an online business forum, and we each discovered a shared passion for his venture.

As we emailed back and forth – and eventually talked on the phone and online – I found more about the genuinely thoughtful person he was to deal with. And he’s much more knowledgeable than he first appeared through the cut-and-paste words on his old website.

So with only a couple of short conversations, I knew enough about the man to create a promotional sales letter for his upcoming teleseminars. I’d already found him to be thorough and a pleasure to deal with… and I wasn’t shy about telling the world about it!

You could almost see Dr. Clayson blushing through his words in an email reply to me, once the letter was done and online.

“You’ve bigged me up in a way I don’t deserve,” he said…

Of course he deserved it! Like any good business or service, when you’ve got something great to offer, you have an obligation to let people know about it. If you ever hope to be profitable, that is. And to stay in business.

Oh, and an added benefit for Dr. Clayson…

Having a benefit-packed salesletter and a complete structure for his first teleseminar on paper gave him the confidence and momentum to fill his first month’s schedule completely within days of his new business launch.

The words you use to tell your story make all the difference.

Same subject, different story…

And a much bigger outcome.

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