Ultimate Biz Card

You want to give your best prospects powerful reasons to buy from you.

So let me ask you a question…

Could a regular business card ever accomplish that?

How about the Ultimate Business Card… your own book, filled with pages of reasons why your best prospects want to buy from you exclusively.

Imagine the extra juice a book gives you with your clients. The extra credibility… more and better-paying clients…the status and industry leadership.

Having your own book makes a HUGE impression with your current and future clients. Even before they ever talk with you.

That’s why I’ll get your book published for you.

I’ll even help you create it in the first place.

Because being a published author is the fastest and easiest way to instantly brand yourself as the accomplished expert. The clear authority in your field.

Imagine walking into a prospect’s office for a first meeting.

Instead of handing over a lame business card…

You present them with your very own book instead!

That’s right…YOU’RE the author (and acknowledged expert). It’s got YOUR picture on the back cover of the book. And they can read about YOUR business and find out about YOUR website on the “About the Author” page.

In effect, you get a door-opener to your marketing system — really, it’s a sales weapon! — that is better than any business card you’ve ever seen. Your name and your business gets tattooed on their brains like never before!

Your own book sets you apart

Imagine what what this would do for your business:

  • You’ll have your own book sitting on top of everyone else’s business cards
  • You’ll have the most powerful “leave behind” possible
  • You’ll have the instant “expert status” that a book gives you
  • You’ll be a published author… ready to FedEx some serious authority to your prospects and clients on a moment’s notice

In a world where everyone else’s business card gets hidden away in a tiny card-file box where you HOPE they’ll remember to call you…

Your own book sitting pretty on your prospect’s desk does greater things.

Because it does more than simply proclaim your expert status from the moment they see your picture on the cover. It also reminds your customers exactly why they should call YOU over anyone else in your industry.

Your expertise is obvious

And each chapter reveals more reasons to demonstrate it out loud.

Now you might be thinking…

“But I’m no polished book author. I don’t even like writing a 2-page report if I don’t have to!”

In that case, don’t worry. When you’ve got me on your side, it isn’t hard to get your book prepared. It actually becomes a pet project of mine… to help you accomplish your “published author status” in plenty of time to check that goal off your bucket list, too.

In fact, I’ll do all of the heavy lifting for you

Here’s how this works…

We’ll start with a short introductory interview, where I’ll help you choose one of two formats for your book and the advantages of each. Before the end of that first call, we’ll arrange a longer phone call to confirm the details of your book’s topic, audience and direction.

From there, I’ll work with my team to complete all of the extra research… write up your first draft… and complete the formatting, cover artwork and final revisions.

Soon after you have your first draft in hand…

If you’ve decided on the deluxe “Industry Expert” format for your book — or a customized or “special project” format — we’ll arrange a second extended phone session. To smooth out the content, fill in any holes and add the extra features we’ll discuss on the call.

Either way, you’ll receive an actual hard copy of your book as a draft, to hold in your hands for final approval. You’ll know exactly how it feels to look through the finished version as you approve any last-minute details.

Then, with your go-ahead, we’ll arrange final printing. Within days…

Your REAL book will be listed on Amazon.com!

Your staff, your customers and your prospects will witness the built-in authority that surrounds you as a published author. They can grab your book online for easy, hands-free delivery, too!

The best part is, you can order copies of your book “on demand” after it’s published. There’s no need to fill up your garage or basement with boxes and boxes of books.

In fact, once we’ve delivered your initial order of 20 books, you can start selling them or giving them away as you wish. And you’re free to order additional copies on demand, one at a time… by the dozen… or by the truckload!

Ready to launch your business to a whole new level?

Then click the button below and tell me your name, your phone number, your industry and your location. I’ll call you back within one business day, and discuss what you’d like to accomplish with your new book.

Don’t worry, the first call is free.

And your extra business potential, with the prestige and authority of having your own book behind you? Quite simply, that’s priceless!

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