One thing about video that’s undeniable…

Video is magnetic!

Think about it. Have you ever noticed what happens when you walk into a room where the TV’s on?

If you’re like most people, the live-action screen will captivate your attention, and you’ll focus in to find out what’s playing.

Picture this…

Your business could be using video too… To show off and demonstrate things your customers need to know. In ways that simple words alone could never hope to achieve!

That’s why video salesletters are changing the way products are sold. They can make a massive difference in your bottom-line sales results.

But only when they’re scripted with proven sales formulas that work. No random gab-fests here.

Take this electronics retailer, for example.

The business owner wanted to create a video warm-up presentation for sales calls and prospects. The plan was to put it on the company’s website, and also on the owner’s laptop for use in live sales presentations and trade shows.

Fortunately, the owner often did sales calls himself, so we were able to have an in-depth conversation about the questions, concerns and “high points” of a typical prospect. Those details were included in the ‘mini-infomercial’ video, along with popular products and the owner’s preferred contact co-ordinates.

The toughest part?

Trimming down pages of info, specifications, and the kitchen sink that they hoped to include, so it would fit into a 2-minute video. After all, it wasn’t designed to replace a sales call…

Just to start the conversation off in the right direction!

Incidentally, this is a project video from a few years ago that I hadn’t seen again until I dug it up for this demo. Sure, it’s simple. But it gets their main USP across… answers a few typical prospect questions… and sparked a conversation with sales staff that gave them a chance to tell more of the story.

It’s funny looking back on earlier work. You always notice how you’d change things today. But something I noticed about this video caused me to do a classic double-take as I watched it a second time…

Who would YOU say is the intended target audience for this message?

Here’s another one…

When Dolah (an Executive Search Consultant) wanted to launch her new instructional website, she needed a powerful way to connect with desperate job-searchers in her local market and country-wide. And since online video was a big part of the training she offered, it made sense to introduce her properly from the start…

With a sales-oriented video appealing to her audience’s interests. Guiding them to the next step in the sales funnel we were creating for her new program.

Fortunately, an initial “practice run” of my client’s own ideas for what should go into this video demonstrated her dynamic personality and ease in front of the camera — a sticking point for a lot of people.

Trouble is, her approach was a little TOO conversational…

It went on and on for almost 5 minutes, without quite getting to the POINT!

So after arming her with a new script, based on the salespage and materials I was already creating for the launch, she flicked on the lights and fired up the video camera for a fresh start.

You can see how it turned out here:

To tell the truth, Dolah was a little hesitant to take this proven, straight-forward sales approach at first. But now that she’s seeing more and more sign-ups at her website every day, she’s a LOT more comfortable with the results!

Now that you’ve started picturing what’s possible…

Let’s talk about putting video to work for YOUR business, too!

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