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The effectiveness of using PR to build your business, your reputation and your expert status is so attractive to companies of all sizes. And when it’s done right, it’s like getting thousands of dollars in valuable advertising for FREE!

So when you want to get your message out through the press and popular media, it takes three things.

The first is a popular topic that people are concerned or would want to know about in the first place. We’ll call that ‘news’.

Second, a distribution outlet (like newspapers, trade publications and television media, for example) that reaches your target audience and is hungry for good content… usually one that offers a connection to a wide network of viewers and distributors in their own particular format.

Finally, a tightly constructed message that’s newsworthy and offers fascination for the reader along with ‘just the facts.’ One that’s been formatted to fit the news media’s requirements for appropriate ease of use (online or offline).

So with a stack of benefits like this, how come more businesses haven’t decided to take advantage of press releases and popular media to fast-fuel their growth?

I’m not sure.

It could have something to do with their unfamiliarity with the requirements and formats of press releases and ‘pitch letters’ to get their message in front of the media who are looking for their story. And while that may be true, it’s fairly easy to get past that one if you have access to a good press agent or copywriter (hint hint).

But more than likely it’s because, like most local or regional business owners, they believe they have nothing to say that the press wants to hear.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Like you, people who work in the press are thrilled when somebody can lighten the workload by supplying an interesting, topical story for them to run with. After all, it’s their job to find out what’s happening in the world around them… but nobody can be everywhere at once!

Even your local news media (including radio, TV and the papers) are always looking for relevant stories with a local flavor. As their audience, that’s what you are interested in, too. And stories often balloon from there to other media outlets.

So here’s the thing…

I’ve been creating press releases for online distribution for years now. The way I do it, you get a near-instant benefit of exposure in Google News and other online sources, with a handful of backlinks that are important for “SEO” (which is critical for getting your name to show up in Google and other search engines.)

Fortunately for you, when the story is appealing enough as real news, it gets picked up by real reporters for real news media to use. (like some of the examples on this page)

And since working with a brilliant PR maven named Anne McKevitt for an in-depth exposé of how she’s grown several of her businesses to multi-million dollar levels using strategic PR as her main source of exposure from Day One,
I’m convinced of 2 things:

  • Proper use of PR can skyrocket your business growth bigger, faster and more affordably than paid advertising
  • Most business owners drastically under-use PR in their marketing strategy (if they consider it at all!)

So right off, here’s what I’ll do to make this easy for you:

First, I’ll create a Press Release for your business, announcing who you are and what you have to offer to the world in a 300-400 word article that’s perfect for online and print distribution. And I’ll send it through several channels I use to connect to hundreds of media outlets throughout North America, giving you huge potential exposure to your local and national markets.

In additionto increase your chances of your story getting picked up for publicationI’ll create a ‘pitch letter’ that you can send with your press release to a specific local media outlet in your area. Because there are so many stories going by “on the wire” that many of them get lost in the shuffle.

A pitch letter is like a personal introduction to a specific editor or reporter in your town, telling them who you are and the highlights of your story. It’s a lot like the cover letter you’ve seen with the best resumés (the ones that get an interview, that is.)

So it helps to give your story a nudge by directly contacting the reporter who handles the business desk… or the entertainment news… or the sports desk… or whatever topic your story falls under.

To make this work, I’ll contact you with questions about your business, your targets and your town. And we’ll figure out who is the best person to send it to before we start. That way, you’ll be positioned to reach your audience by helping the media reach theirs.

Now to be honest, every story doesn’t always get picked up. It depends on the topic… its current appeal… how busy the newsroom is that week.. and a handful of other factors. I’ve had some stories used nearly word-for-word the first time they went out… and other times it takes a few approaches to build a relationship with the right person for your type of story.

Either way, your credibility as an expert in your industry grows exponentially when you can point to media coverage you’ve had — whether it’s online… on a radio show…  or with your local TV station’s feature reporter on the evening news.

Isn’t that the kind of free media coverage you’d like for your business?

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