Web readers take a different approach than the average book or letter-reader.

So your site must be written with that in mind!

You see, the web as a medium is unique in the history of the world. Never before have people had such instant, far-reaching access to information.

From anywhere in the world.

Of course, that’s changed the way we consume information, hasn’t it?

Because now it’s a two-way conversation. And the first sentence better catch your reader’s eye, or…


So short sentences and impactful writing works here. And leading your readers through a progression of actions works best — get them to DO something!

Now, a catalog or e-commerce site has a different focus than a corporate destination or a 3-page “mini-site”. The writing is different because the goals are different.

Either way, there’s an art to digging through mounds of research to select exactly which sentences to use. And to craft them into strong, smooth sellers.

In fact, there’s a famous quote that says…

“I am sorry to write such a long letter.
I didn’t have time to write a short one.”

Variously attributed to Mark Twain, Voltaire, Proust, Pliny the Younger…

So if you’re in the same situation, here’s an easy way to get what you want.

You’re just a click away…

P.S. – Depending on your market, your audience and what they’ve become accustomed to, long salesletters can also work online… when the “audience preparation”, story and page setup is done the RIGHT way.

Check out Success Stories for a few examples of websites that worked especially well…

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