Your First Million

Project start date = Friday April 9
Product launch date = Wednesday April 28
Project end date = Friday April 30 (signed, sealed, delivered and paid for)

“What’s holding you back?”

Looking over the flurry of notes, emails, and quick decisions that accompanied this project, I’m truly amazed at how it all turned out.

Email Pre-sell SeriesAnd still a little breathless, too.

This was the first complete project I worked on for Ali International LLC, headed up by Ali Brown and her virtual team of marketing experts. So while I was getting up to speed with the management styles, preferences and wish lists of a client who was brand-new to me, this product launch was rushed into place on a new schedule for all of us.

Fortunately, the team’s experience, professionalism and flexibility combined with our “whatever it takes” approach to find the answers we needed. Which also created a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I’ll tell you about later, too.

Here’s how the fun began…

After completing a short paid assignment to test our compatibility, we started immediately on this ‘soft course’ — jokingly called a “crunch project”.

Email Post-Launch seriesBecause while the main course curriculum outline had already been written, very little else had been prepared. And the dates were set for the upcoming promotional teleseminar, about a week away.

Which also meant hard dates were in place to complete:

  • a multi-part email pre-sell sequence
  • opt-in and main sales pages
  • affiliate promotional email series
  • and a collection of messages for the post-launch and post-sales follow-ups.

Looking at the content brief — which was based more on a wealth mindset and approach curriculum than on technical “how-to” business skills — I suggested we expand the email series to 5 parts for the initial teleseminar lead-up, leaving me room to use one of my favorite “front door/side door” structures for maximum email conversions.
Affiliate Email series
As it turns out, the team liked the idea. Because after the first email went out, we immediately saw a 34% increase in sign-ups for the event!

From there, starting with content bullets ‘straight from the boss’ to create an opt-in page for the teleseminar, the project team was off and running. I won’t bore you with the details of creating separate email sequences for subscriber, customer and affiliate lists. Along with incidental but important details like a tagline for the course title — “thank you” and download pages — and the all-important sales letter.

So how about a short personal story instead?

As you know, part of the challenge with this project was its rushed schedule. And what’s more, the ‘subject matter expert’ was a billion-dollar entrepreneur named Anne McKevitt, who was partnering with California-based Ali Brown as her personal and business mentor from her home base in Sydney, Australia.

And with so much to complete in a compressed timeframe — combined with the added challenge of co-ordinating the international schedules of two business icons in several time zonesthe team proposed a solution, bypassing their typical project-management procedures…

Would I like to talk with the ‘Billion Dollar Woman’ directly?

Would I? A team of wild horses couldn’t hold me back!

Good thing I had already prepared my outline of questions for Ms. McKevitt before we got on the call, because the chance to spend an hour on the phone with a woman who’s worked with business leaders, celebrities and heads of state as she’s built several multi-million dollar empires was thrilling, to say the least.

Back to a purely professional perspective…

Imagine how that excitement infused the copy I was creating for the entire project from that moment on! Plus, it helped me to put Anne’s ‘voice’ into the copy much more realistically (instead of relying on canned descriptions and imagination.)

34% increase testimonialYou see, I’ve worked with handfuls of business owners who started off by giving me ‘the company line’ with the same old promotional materials they’ve always used. Hoping I could just add a word here and there to bring it new life.

And I usually insist on getting the actual product in my hands to “see, hear, smell, touch and taste it” from a new-customer perspective. I’ve found that approach adds SO much to the novelty, the experience, and the appeal of a product that often gets overlooked by its owners.

So if we decide to work together, you’ll see how I use my ‘sales prospector’ approach for you, too. Because viewing your product or promotion as a new customer rather than as the product’s creator or marketing team has huge benefits … whether you’re selling to new prospects or to familiar, existing customers.

Unflinching Advice

And you can imagine my quiet grin as I heard Anne McKevitt describe her ‘unflinching advice’ in the teleseminar promos, using the words I’d written for her after our conversation.

(As it turned out, the team rightly decided that phrase might be a little too extreme for their audience. But in her typical style, Ms. McKevitt used it anyway… because she felt it described her perfectly!)

Overall, “Your First Million” was a crash course in researching, interpreting and ‘rolling with the punches’… injecting the excitement and momentum of a new partnership into a promotion that highlighted everyone’s talents.

It’s all about using every resource available to match your preferred voice and your prospect’s expectations… putting your products on display in the best possible light.

And then selling the hell out of them!

P.S. – Not surprisingly, the results we were seeing on this project lead to my involvement on similar materials for its follow-up course, “The Language of Money”. That’s how you leverage resources, expertise and reputation for greater benefit at both ends. Because as the synergy between team members continues to improve over time, everything flows so much easier than it looks on paper!

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